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  • What kind of services do you provide?
    We offer various services. We will also take on services in which we don't do yet! We love to challenge ourselves! Swing over to our Servicespage to see some of the services we offer in detail.
  • What kind of equipment do you use?
    Here at Caged Media, we use a variety of equipment. We operate on Canon, Sony, and DJI. Audio is key to a perfect video! With that said, we chose to go with Rode Microphones. Lighting is also critcal so we have invested in some various different light sources to get the best picture possible.
  • How can I get a quote and how do I book your services?
    You can request a quote or estimate by simply emailing us! You can also sign up and become a member on this website and find our prices in a Members Only tab. Under that tab, you can also book appointments for our services, see new content first, and even see our own schedule.
  • Do you have any Social Media site?
    Yes! We have a Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.
  • Do you offer Photography?
    Yes! However, at this time, we can only do one or the other. Meaning, we cannot film and photograph at the same time. Caged Media does not yet have the talent within the company to do both. We can most definetly refer some of our favorite photography friends!
  • Where and how can I purchase content from Caged Media?
    We made it as easy as possible! Click here to go to the store. From there you can choose what pictures you would like to purchase.
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