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Meet the team

Cage Johnson

Caged Media started as something just for a car club out of Long Beach called Underoath Car Club. As time went on, Cage began to build an interest in videography. He began to invest in equipment to set him apart from other amateur videographers. His parents surprised him a high-end drone for his birthday in 2017. He did some random videos here and there and was given several compliments.

And here we are today, Caged Media. He has a keen eye for creativity and a passion for customer service. He can multitask many different things and handles it well. He works a regular 9-5 job, attends a middle school youth group at his church, helps his parents with various projects at the house, builds, repairs, and restores cars, and now he films, edit, and shares. He is hoping that one day Caged Media Team can make this a name known for friendliness, kindness and uniqueness.

Elizabeth Gutierrez - Johnson
Director of Marketing & Communications

Elizabeth Gutierrez - Johnson is the encourager of the CEO and wants to see Caged Media succeed because she wants to see Cage Johnson succeed thus landing her the role of Director of Marketing and Communications. She wants to identify Cage's ideal clients and connect them so that great moments and memories can be captured. Who is Caged Media's ideal client? Anyone that wants quality photos or videos captured to have to treasure for a lifetime. In addition to this role, Elizabeth is Wife to Cage Johnson and strives to equip and empower both of their endeavors.

While Elizabeth is the Director of Marketing & Communications of Caged Media and Wife to Cage Johnson she is also the Founder and Minister of Enduring By Grace Ministries which strives to bring hope to the hurting. She has a heart for God and empathizes with the grieving after the passing of her mom in 2015 that inspired this ministry and calling upon her life. She understands the importance of treasuring the little and big moments of life and truly understands a picture is worth a thousand words. Elizabeth encourages you to capture all the moments you can so that you and your loved ones can treasure these moments for a lifetime and beyond.

Both her and Cage look forward to connecting with you over social media AND IN PERSON!

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