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Do you need a photographer for a cooperate event? What about a family event? Wedding? How about a photo shoot? We offer photography services as well! This was a new edition to our services this year of 2018 and we are very excited about this. Contact us to get a quote. 

On the Ground

We at Caged Media have the ability to film nice, clear shots using professional camera equipment along with professional audio recording equipment. We can do anything from static shots like interviews to running shots for an action scene. We continually add to our equipment so that we have all the tools we need on hand. 

In the Air

Our specialty and our biggest asset is our DJI Mavic Pro Drone. We use a drone to get those unique, bird eye view of the subject in which we are filming. Getting married? How about that Hollywood shot of you driving off into the sunset and fading away from the camera and seeing in it from the sky? We make sure that we get creative and original with all of our shots using the drone.

Professional Post Production

We use a proprietary software that allows us to create unique and original video content for our customers. Don't like a part of the video? No problem! We can fix it very quickly due to knowing this software very well.

Freelance Videographer

One thing that is unique and a great selling point for us is that we are willing to take on any job that we physically can. Whether that be a large corporate event or a small church gathering. We like to challenge ourselves here at Caged Media and we like to venture out from just filming one type of event.

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